About Us

I am a creator, and beautician of the dinner table. I love all things flowers and food! Through years of working within both industries, I’ve decided to break some rules while creating my own; I love color and thrive in beauty that challenges societal norms! I love to dream and create palettes that scream abundance!

Whata Gwan! My name is Nichole! I am the owner of Rooted in Culture! I created Rooted in Culture in 2018 after leaving a managerial position in the flower industry. I learned a lot from my peers and my entrepreneurial parents in both industries. My parents weren’t afraid to create their own narratives as Jamaican immigrants. They thrived in the restaurant and floral business since the early 90s-2015. Jamaican born, raised in Brooklyn NY, and now living and operating in Harlem NY.

I have chosen to express the rich, nostalgic feelings, warmth and inviting heritage of my Jamaican roots through catering and floral designs. As an avid home cook my dishes are savory recipes that have been passed down from my mother, father, grandmother and my great grandmothers. Paying homage to traditional spices, techniques, and culinary practices: with a modern twist. of my own. My goal is to surround you with beauty, while feeding your stomachs, and souls!


Nichole! We just wanted to say thank you a million times for the absolutely stunning flowers at our wedding. The room looked gorgeous and so many people came up to us to tell us how beautiful the flowers were. And the Chuppah was phenomenal!!! Sending you so much love and appreciation!

Jill Santopolo

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