Fun. Innovative. badass.

Rooted in culture is a Jamaican inspired
Floral Design and Catering Company

Showing that our roots, and tradition can co-exist in a world that is

funky, sexy, and sensationally vulgar!!!

Unconventional expression does not have to lack poise, elegance, or


We are intuitive in our senses;

While striving to be more economically conscious,
and balanced in our creative process.
Our expressions are shown through

Fly ass floral design
Fly Ass food
Fly Ass dinner parties

Our clients will appreciate our open and free communication

while planning their events.

Through years of experience, we have an understanding that the creative
process is best when our clients are able to do it in a judgment free zone.

We are your favorite judge free zone.

Welcome to
Rooted in Culture!!!

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