Rooted in Culture is a Jamaican inspired catering and floral design company. We love showing that our roots and traditions can co-exist in a world that is funky, sexy, and sensationally vulgar!!! We believe that unconventional expression does not have to lack poise, elegance, or tastefulness. Our expressions are shown through our choices in colors, food, spices, décor and creativity. We strive to create authentic spaces with authentic people through unforgettable experiences rooted in culture.

While creating bomb-ass dinner parties, fly-ass dishes with bad-ass floral designs, we are striving to be more economically conscious, and balanced in our creative process. We try to source most of our products locally or from other small business owners. It is important to us to carry our community with us while making healthy and loving decisions.

Our clients will appreciate our open and free communication while planning their events. Through years of experience, we have an understanding that the creative process is best when our clients are able to do it in a judgment free zone. We are your favorite judge free zone!